Scalable, Mobile Evaluation System

The EVJ gives you the power to perform mobile objective strength and range of motion testing, quickly and easily. In an unprecedented portable, scalable evaluation system

Consists of 3 modules:

  • Hand Grip Package
  • Strength Package
  • Range of Motion Package

Please find more information here.


  • Isometric Strength evaluations
  • Range of Motion evaluations
  • “Off-site” and “in-clinic” use
  • Teaching/training tool
  • Research data collection
  • Mobile practitioners

Key Features

  • Precision accurate data acquisition
  • Digital instrumentation ensuring data integrity
  • Integration with heart rate monitoring during evaluations
  • Easy to use software
  • Compact size
  • Data mining features - collect, filter (age, gender, dominant hand, and evaluation type, etc), and extract (MS Excel ready format)
  • Scalable and affordable. Order only the packages that you need, when you need. Add packages later if your needs change.
  • Multiple languages available