h/p/cosmos robowalk mercury® med

Rehabilitation system for gait training

  • Physiological gait training - safe and realistic
  • Early initiation of therapy with body weight support
  • Therapeutic freedom by controlling the treadmill from a variety of positions
  • Traceable results of treatment by simple documentation

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  • Gait improvement combined with strength and coordination training
  • Motion support and mobilization of spastic patients
  • Supports therapists in manual locomotion therapy
  • Supports the ‘3 pillars’ of success in neurologic rehabilitation:
    • 1st motivation of the patient
    • 2nd correct movement pattern / physiological gait
    • 3rd repetition of movement


Running surfaceL: 150 cm,  W: 50 cm 
Speed range0...22.0 km/h
Running directionswitch for reversing running belt direction at extra charge
Motor system3.3 kW (4.5 HP) 3-phase AC motor
Power Supply 15A

Safety arch with chest-belt, harness and emergency switch (fall-stop)

Arm support with 3 joints, adjustable in height and width