HUR Smarttouch – Evidence - based, Smart and more independent exercise and rehabilitation

Shortly put with HUR SmartTouch you will enhance the training experience, you can operate wherever you need and whenever you want, you will be able to operate more efficient and save staff resources and you will simplify the work for the instructors. 

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  • Equipment with air pressure technology and touch screen – with all the world-leading features of HUR equipment – from close to zero starting load to automatic resistance increase, 100g/1/4lb. increments and automatic machine set-up 
  • State of the art, modern, web-based operating software for clinic and centre operation 
  • RFID(13.56M) customer identification – activate training with a single touch 
  • Operation whenever and wherever (cloud-based solution) 
  • Supports multi-clinic and centre organizations 
  • Start training at the first machine, no need to log in 
  • Electrically adjustable lever arms and seat 
  • The customer’s personal online profile visualizes progress, the training program and provides a messaging feature between the user and instructor 
  • Automated reporting of client progress, facility status, equipment usage etc.
  • Cloud-based or local installation