• Aids reduction of residual limb oedema
  • Prepares stump for harder socket
  • Can be placed over soft dressing, bandaging or plaster casts
  • New frame option (A short, 650mm frame with a larger proximal ring circumference)
  • Hand pump for faster inflation of the bags
  • No-tacky bags – improve ease of application
  • Quick-release valves – offer quick coupling and quick release between pumping solution and bags

Please find more information here.

Parts NumberDescription
6153Foot Pump Assembly
4626Foot Pump Rubber Bulb Replacement
6180Hand Pump Assembly
6164650mm Frame
6164/L650mm Frame Larger Circumference
6163750mm Frame
6163/L750mm Frame Larger Circumference
6154850mm Frame
6154/L850mm Frame Larger Circumference
4603/LReplacement Rubber Rocker - Black
4599Crucible Sling Support Black Nylon (650mm/750mm Frames)
4630Crucible Sling Support Black Nylon (850mm Frames)
6178-9Shoulder Strap - Black Nylon
6174B.K. Stump Bag*
6174/LB.K. Stump Bag Large*
6175A.K. Stump Bag*
6175/LA.K. Stump Bag Large*
6148Cushion Bag*
6148/LCushion Bag Large*
6181Quick Release Male Valve for existing PPAM Bags
6181-FQuick Release Female Valve for existing Pump Solutions
6174-NNon-Tacky BK Stump Bag*
6174/L-NNon-Tacky BK Stump Bag Large*
6175-NNon-Tacky AK Stump Bag*
6175/L-NNon-Tacky AK Stump Bag Large*
6148-NNon-Tacky Cushion Bag*
6148/L-N NEWNon-Tacky Cushion Bag Large*