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The LokomatPro offers a most physiologic gait pattern with constant feedback and therapy assessment. It improves patient outcome by increased therapy volume and intensity, task-specific training and high patient engagement. The LokomatPro is the ideal addition to in- and out-patient rehabilitation programs and for use in long-term care facilities.

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Effective Gait Training
Scientific evidence shows that Lokomat training improves the outcome of physical therapy.

Increased Effciency
Therapists can provide longer treatment sessions with higher intensity.

Most Physiologic Gait
The individually adjustable exoskeleton ensures a most physiologic gait pattern with essential sensory feedback.

Assist-as-Needed Support
Assist-as-needed support enables clinicians to optimally shape training challenges based on the patient’s capabilities.

Motivating Augmented Performance Feedback
Exciting, game-like Augmented Performance Feedback exercises increase the patient’s effort.

FreeD Module
The optional FreeD module improves the therapy by allowing lateral translation and transverse rotation of the pelvis, thus providing a more physiologic gait pattern.


  • Robotic gait orthoses for adults 
  • Robotic gait orthoses for children (accessory)
  • Training programs 
  • Gait variation 
  • Manual training
  • Intuitive touch screen user interface 
  • Training of severely aected patients
  • Dynamic body weight support 
  • FreeD module for pelvis movements (accessory)
  • Biofeedback (advanced) 
  • Challenging therapy exercises
  • Assessment tools 
  • Training reports as PDFs (advanced)
  • Recorder tool