18.64M HI-LO MANUAL Standing Wheelchair

“HI-LO M” it is possible to move actively improving the movement space.
People working or managing any other activity obtain greater benefits.
The stand up position prevents pains, relieves the wrong positions, stabilizes the circulation and the bony structure.
Using this chair on everyday life it is possible to be independent and autonomous;
it is possible to stand up, move or lower by himself using a simple electronic control placed on the armrest.
The vertical movement is reciprocal to the articulations of the user.
The structure of the wheelchair is builded in such a way
to allow to adjust the depth of the seat and the inclination angle
of the backrest, the knee restrain is adjustable and removable.
Backrest upset-ting forwards.
Equipped with chest containing strap, adjustable and upsetting armrests.

Available in 3 sizes: 36 cm junior, 42 cm and 46 cm

Total width64 cm
Total length105 cm
(75 cm without leg rests)
Total height90-102 cm
Weight38 kg
Loading capacity120 kg
Seat width42cm/46cm
Seat depth40cm/52cm
Seat height52 cm
Backrest height40-55 cm
Back angle90-102 degrees
Height of the arm rests68-78 cm