Maximize function while increasing proximal strength

The SaeboMAS dynamic mobile arm support system is a zero gravity upper extremity device
specifically designed to facilitate and challenge the weakened shoulder and elbow during
functional tasks and exercise drills.

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• Adjustable spring based parallelogram offering various levels of assistance
• Incorporate all planes of movement so multidirectional activities can be achieved
• Measureable graded Tension Scale for tracking and documenting
• Height adjustable
• Table mount
• Comfortable malleable forearm support with removable liners for infection control
• Elbow Support attachment
• Lightweight and portable


• Improve motor control, strength and ROM
• Improve ADL performance
• Reduce hand-over-hand assistance, allowing the patient to take on more of an active role
• Minimize/prevent over-use injuries and unwanted movement
• Provide the clinician with an “extra pair of hands” to offer more effective facilitation when needed
• Provide an opportunity for the patient to perform highly repetitive task-oriented drills
• Maximize comfort and positioning for shoulder subluxation treatment