The THERA PRAX® MOBILE is a biofeedback system supporting patients to learn to self regulate their brain activity (EEG biofeedback). It is intended to be used for EEG biofeedback with the slow cortical potentials (SCP) protocol in the treatment of children with attention deficit/ hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). 

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  • Portable full-band DC-EEG biofeedback system
  • Complete system consisting of a 13-channel full-band DC-EEG amplifier, a mobile PC with integrated 15” TFT colour display, software for biofeedback and analysis, keyboard, mouse
  • Feedback of the slow cortical potentials (SCP) with online correction of artifacts and eye movements
  • EEG biofeedback with frequencies and ratios
  • Free choice of frequency band, algorithm and combinations of the two (ratio, arithmecis, correlation, coherence, bicoherence etc.)
  • Audio-visual feedback and animation
  • Free choice of feedback channel (unipolar, bipolar, source, multi-channel)
  • Biofeedback with EMG, ECG and corresponding signals, e.g. heart rate
  • Analysis of single session and comparison of multiple sessions
  • Patient database with medication and examination calendar, complete documentation of readings

Use and Benefits 

  • Training of the slow cortical potentials (SCP)
  • Standardized, clinically evaluated protocol for SCP biofeedback with automatic online correction of artifacts and eye movements
  • Biofeedback training with pulse, temperature, respiration, EMG, pulse curve, GSR


  • Full-band DC-EEG and biosignal amplifier
  • 24 bit resolution per channel
  • Selectable sample rate of 32 to 4,096 sps
  • Frequency range of 0 to 1,200 Hz depending on sampling rate
  • Power supply via replaceable, rechargeable batteries
  • Continuous operation time > 8 h
  • Data transmission using optical cable