ArmMotus™ EMU is a 3D back-drivable upper limb rehabilitation robot that adopted an innovative cable-driven mechanism, combined with a parallel structure made of lightweight carbon fibre rods which perfectly reduces the friction and inertia of the device. This enables the control system to respond and execute more efficiently, resulting in higher compliance in human-machine interaction.

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Compliant Motion Control Support All Training Modes 

  • Supports easy training setup in sitting and standing position as well as accommodating different training arms 
  • Integrates different scenarios in the game so that users can train on strength, motor control and joint ROM in one training 
  • The force feedback technology can stimulate different force environments that can be integrated into the training making them more interesting, immersive and motivating 
  •  The real-time visual, audio, and haptic feedback can diversify the training and provides intuitive guidance to the users 

Personalised Training Trajectory 

  • Provides a comprehensive upper limb training trajectory in which the therapist can select and customize different movements according to the user's needs

Quantifiable Training 

  • It can precisely measure every movement trajectory, strength, cognitive ability, ROM, motor control ability and generate a report after the training

Covers the Whole Continuum of Rehabilitation 

  • The force feedback technology enables the device to simulate the therapist's hands
  • Supports the user to adjust the assistance or resistance according to different rehabilitation needs