The Via Anti-Gravity Treadmill delivers physical rehab and training benefits you can’t get any other way. Combining patented, NASA Differential Air Pressure (DAP) technology, an intuitive touchscreen interface, real-time gait analytics, and live video monitoring, Via enables body weight supported walking, running, and closed-kinetic chain exercise like never before.

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  • Gently unweight your patients from 100% to as low as 20% of their body weight in precise 1% increments for low-impact, pain-free movement.
  • Unique technology allows for normal gait and balance unlike hydrotherapy or harnesses – for superior weight-supported walking, running, and closed kinetic-chain exercise.
  • Real-time gait data, pain recording, and live video monitoring improve clinical decision-making on the fly with objective, measurable information and visual feedback for improved outcomes.
  • Encourage movement and motor learning, improve range of motion.
  • Improve patient engagement and increase the likelihood of continued therapy.
  • Export reports to help improve operational efficiencies and support documentation.