Motek - C-Mill

To train foot placement

The C-Mill is unmatched in its functionalities and clinical opportunities. It can serve patients from early rehab, learning to stand, step and walk again, all the way to outbound patients who need to improve their overall walking performance and to reduce the risk of falling. The C-Mill is a treadmill for evaluation and training of impaired gait and balance using augmented and virtual reality.

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C-Mill applications

  • Walking area 0.7 meter wide
  • Self-supported safety frame or ceiling mounted body weight support
  • Optional frontal and sagittal cameras
  • Optional children handrails
  • Optional research suite


  • Functional walking with targeted treatment options
  • Repeatable and variable training
  • Motivating, engaging and fun for patient
  • Training in a safe environment
  • Assessment of patient’s gait and gait adaptability
  • Objective measurements and testing
  • Monitor performance over time
  • Clinical report options with or without video recordings
  • No preparation time; session can start immediately after turning on the system