RehaCom is the Cognitive Therapy to Support the Clinical Work of Professionals

  • Therapy ideas given by neuropsychologists and occupational therapists
  • Consists of 20+ computerized therapy modules to improve cognitive functions
  • 25 years of experience in rehabilitation hospitals
  • Evidence based and clinically endorsed
  • Fulfills all needs in treatment of Stroke, TBI and other cognitive functional disorders
  • Made in Germany

Please find more information here.

• Fields of cognitive functioning covered:Alertness • Attention • Memory • Executive Functions • Visual • Field • Neglect

• Consists of 29 computerised therapy modules to improve cognitive functions in inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation phases
• Provides 9 screening modules to detect impairments and to recommend corresponding cognitive therapy modules
• Tracks the current performance of the client during therapy and adapts automatically to different levels of difficulty
• Error- Specific Feedback leads to higher self-confidence
• Offers customized solutions for clinics – use on single computers or in a central server network
• Delivers interactive content through a specialized input patient keyboard with big colour marked buttons, user-friendly touch screen or mouse and standard keyboard
• Available in 25+ languages at no extra cost
• optional: Chin and Head Rest - recommended for training Visual Field issues especially hemianopia and many other applications which require the head to be stable