h/p/cosmos comet® 3p

Sprint training

  • More explosive through tensile resistance training
  • Improvement of the individual maximum speed

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Electronic machine for sprint training with traction resistance or traction support (overspeed).
The athlete is running on the 100 meter track, is either resisted or pulled

Speed range
0 ... 53 km/h (0 … 14.72 m/s) (0 … 32.93 mph)
adjustable from 0 … 100%
scale on the potentiometer

Traction force /
Traction resistance
0 ... 294 Newton (0 ... 30 kg),
Adjustable from 0 … 100%
Analogue adjustment by means of the potentiometer
(special versions with more traction force available on request)
Length of ropeApprox. 160 m (525 ft)

Diameter of rope
1.5 mm (0.06“)
Load-carrying capacity of the rope
(not the drive motor): max. 70 kg (686 N)


1. Emergency-STOP switch on the control panel of the motor

2. Switch on logic, the speed regulator can only be activated at zero power (0%) and if the stabiliser is pulled out

3. Switch off if the rope breaks

4. Switch off by reaching the close danger area 5m in front of the device

Net weightApprox. 184 kg (404 Ibs)