Offers A Wide Range Of Stimulating And Relaxing Activities For People With Dementia

The SilverFit Alois offers a very wide range of stimulating and relaxing activities for people with dementia.
In this way, they are motivated in a pleasant way to be physically, cognitively, socially and emotionally active.
This not only keeps them fit longer, they are also happier.

Please find more information here.

  • Suitable for people up to and including the third phase of dementia
  • Accessible and easy to use for people with physical limitations
  • Contains a very large diversity of activities: physical cognitive, social, emotional and relaxation
  • Easy to operate thanks to the touchscreen
  • Your own photos and videos can be added for an even more personal experience
  • The mobile standard makes it possible to use the SilverFit Alois at any desired location
  • The 3D camera makes it possible to train very  different movements