Interactive back training

The ValedoMotion enhances back therapy using innovative sensor technology. It assists therapists in improving their patients' motor control and movement awareness. The ValedoMotion is developed with leading clinical partners and
validated by research.

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Clinical Assessment and Reporting

  • Assessment Tools enable an objective analysis and automatic documentation of the patient’s therapy progress.

Customized Therapy Plans

  • Individually adjustable therapy plans, range of motion and difficulty levels ensure the most effective therapy.

Accurate Real-Time Feedback

  • Precise feedback facilitates education of correct movements and improvement of the patient's movement awareness.

Motivating Exercises

  • Exciting, game-like Augmented Performance
  • Feedback exercises increase the patient’s motivation and effort.

Treat More Patients

  • Therapists can supervise more than one patient at a time, ensuring best use of their clinical knowhow and expertise.