For therapists
• Simple Program Manager
• Individuated monitoring for each patient
• Evaluation and graphical analysis of patient’s progress
• Remote control of treatment programs
• System of alerts
• Helps in goal setting for patients

For Patients
• Makes rehabilitation engaging
• Assists in performing day-to-day activities
• Simple and intuitive to use
• Valid for various degrees of disability
• Tailored programs matching individual requirements
• Augments treatment intensity and frequency
• Can be used at home any time of the day

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The new EvolvRehab

  • The system is replaced with a new Azure Kinect 3D camera for body tracking
  • The Fall prevention Programme is now included in the new EvolvRehab Kit

EvolvRehab Body
For upper and lower body rehabilitation

EvolvRehab Body is a suite of therapy modules for the rehabilitation of upper and lower extremities.
EvolvRehab Body makes it possible to retrain abilities such as balance, weight transfer, reach, endurance, balance, strengthening, cognition, and can be used in fall prevention training.

EvolvRehab Hands
Rehabilitation of fine motor skills of the hands

It works the mobility and strengthening of the muscles used in finger flexion and extension, finger abduction and adduction, wrist flexion and extension and forearm rotation as well as hand-eye coordination, reaction time and attention span.

Discover a new form to retrain hand functions required to perform daily activities.

EvolvRehab Modules:
EvolvRehab includes 3 modules that can be used to assess and train upper and lower extremities as well as fine motor skills of the hands.

Allows the therapist to take ROM measurements for upper and lower extremities as well as hands, identifying paint points and maximum ROM for each individual.