Functional Task Trainings

  • Trains patient in performing critical functional tasks in daily living, such as gripping and
    tripod-pinching, while interacting with real objects

Active & Passive Exercises

  • Combine both passive and active exercises and support maximum range of patients

Higher Training Intensity

  • Longer period of training with higher intensity and minimal supervision with action observation therapy


  • Fully made of light fabric and biocompatible materials; Offers top comfort and supports natural movements

Fast Setup

User friendly user interface and device design with minimal training required

Two versions available:

  • EsoGLOVE Pro
  • EsoGLOVE Pro LUXE (With Dynamic Arm Support)

Please find more information here.

CygniSENSE-Motion (optional add-on) 

• Hand Assessment Module

Allows therapists to record & monitor the ROM of the finger and wrist joints

• CygniCONNECT gamification platform
Combining with Roceso EsoFUN gamification platform, CygniSENSE-Motion offers an active rehabilitation platform that motivates and challenges the patients during their hand rehabilitation

• Depth & Tracking Device
To track fingers, hand & wrist movements for the various exercises, games & assessments

• Analytics for Therapists & Care Givers
- Track & monitor patient’s progress
- Goal-setting based on progress
- Ensure patient compliance