The MOVE is the perfect combination of size and function. Its base has been designed from the ground up to save as much space as possible without compromising a shred of performance. It's light enough to be moved from room to room, yet sturdy enough to support a full 300lbs. Complete with six variable frequency modes, the MOVE can cover a wide range of functionality. Whether you want to achieve a relaxing massage or a gut-busting, sweat-inducing workout; the MOVE is efficient and effective no matter how you choose to use it.

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Small FootprintSpace-efficient, perfect for group exercise in smaller/ shared spaces
Large surface areaPromote exercise variety to keep training "fresh"; complementary use with other equipment in a facility, e.g. squat rack, dumbbells, suspension training, etc
Six preset variable frequency settingsEasy to change, on-the-fly frequency meets the needs of all fitness levels
0 - 9 mins "Count Up" RuntimeAllow user to see cumulative exercise time
Simple 4-button controlsIt is intuitive and easy - to - use
Pause ButtonAllow exerciser to pause the workout and pick up at the point where they left off - perfect for resting and receiving additional instruction in group exercise applications