Reax Run Pro is the only treadmill in the world that performs sudden and unpredictable inclinations in all directions while running. It maximises the proprioceptive factors of movement through the wide-spectrum muscular activation and the controlled stress to balance. Reax Run is dual purpose for injury prevention and sport performance. 



The only treadmill where you can run as you would do off-road or in the nature


Made in Italy, patented and entirely based on the Italian concept and unique design


1st in the world characterized by the 3D motion and the Sudden Dynamic Impulse technology.


Attention to details, built using the best materials to make it strong and durable


Equipped with 3 engines, silent even at high speed


Intuitive use thanks to our dedicated app. Also, It is possible to remotely control it via tablet

Faster Results For Users 

  • Increase of reaction rate and coordination 
  • Improvement of performance and motor skills
  • Greater muscle engagement and definition 
  • Better injury recover and functional re-education

Better Results For Professionals 

  • Professional standing improvement
  • Increase the customers acquisition and retention
  • Greater profit margins and additional revenues
  • Added training value to a multiple clientele target
  • Exclusivity and innovation of the services offered

3D Motion

The belt can reach different inclinations and angles, this movement forces the user to constant adaptations. 

  • +/- 11% Frontal Inclination Range 
  • +/- 14% Lateral Inclination Range 


  • Max Speed: 25 km/h
  • 19” Integrated Touch Screen
  • Frontal Incline of +/- 11%
  • Lateral Incline of +/- 14%
  • Optional Tablet 
 Length (cm/in)  242 cm / 95.28 in
 Height (cm/in)

 166 cm / 63.35 in

 Width (cm/in) 

 117 cm / 46.06 in

 Weight (kg/lb) 

 600 kg / 1322.77 lb