With the airwalk® ap training, diagnostic and rehab-system you can start with your gait training and functional training very early after an injury. The goal is to bring the athlete‘s or patient‘s movements back to a normal rhythm - even if the joints are not fully loadable (with normal gravity) yet.

  • functional training
  • stabilization training
  • fall prevention
  • gait therapy

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Advantages of the airwalk® ap system

  • early rehabilitation start through individual weight release up to 80 kg, optional up to 120 kg
  • suitable for performance analysis and motion analysis through fall prevention - also without unweighting
  • safe functional training, fall prevention, stabilization training and gait therapy
  • 360° rotations are possible - side steps and backward movements, as well as uphill and downhill
  • full access and free sight to the legs, pelvis and upper body of the patient - also with the robowalk® expander system
  • with the use of robowalk® you can apply gait guidance, assistance and correction
  • hygienic & easy to clean up
  • you can retrofit your existing h/p/cosmos treadmill (up to deck size 190x65 cm) with the airwalk® ap unweighting system!