BTE Techtrainer

Pneumatic Resistance Functional Pulley

Simplicity - Practical, Functional, Proven
Intelligence - Real time feedback, objective reports, client motivation
Motion - Detect discrete differences, safe, smooth at any speed, baseline and progress

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  • Powerful touchscreen computer keeps clients motivated with real-time data feedback, printable reports, and customizable testing/ training progress tracking
  • High speed bilateral cable system with rotating pulleys for unrestricted natural movement through complete range of motion
  • Straps and Attachments to simulate numerous functional activities, including baseball, tennis conveniently store on durable, lightweight tool rack
  • Arms independently adjustable to 12 positions each, allow for replicating a multitude of functional motions
  • On-the-fly easy force adjustment in 1 lb increments allows safe use with clients from all walks of life
  • Quiet, clean air compressor powers up to six TechTrainers
  • Compact footprint as shown, or legs can be removed and system can be bolted to concrete floor for evenmore space savings