Lokomat® Nanos


The Lokomat Nanos offer basic training modality to automate locomotion therapy on a treadmill and considerably improves the training efficiency for non-ambulatory patients and ambulatory patients compared to manually assisted therapy. 

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  • Robotic gait orthoses for adults
  • Assist-as-needed support (basic)
  • Dynamic body weight support
  • Biofeedback (basic)
  • Intuitive touch screen user interface


  • It provides all necessary features to perform robotic gait training.
  • With the basic functionality the device is easy to use. 
  • An intergrated walking indicator monitors the patient's gait activity in real-time to motivate the patient for active participation.
  • The continuously adjustable level of gait assistance, the Guidance Force (for each leg between full and zero Guidance Force), allows to adapt training conditions to the individual levels of the patients.
  • With its compact dimension, this addition to the Lokomat product line is adapted to reduced space conditions and is the right therapy solution for out-patient as well as in-patient centers.