Fourier M2 is an all-in-one upper limb robotic assistive rehabilitation device that is applicable to neurological and muscloskeletal disorders. It is part of Fourier Intelligence' s modular therapy concept that covers the whole continuum of rehabilitation. 

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Smart Haptic Feedback - deliver precise “assist - as - needed " movement guidance, which allows for a more effective rehabilitation process. 

Customized Training Prescriptions
- Can be programmed for specific and targeted treatment protocols for users, e.g. range of motion, flexion and extension of elbow joint, internal and external rotation of shoulder joint, etc.

Various Training Objectives
- Based pm evidence and scientific principles, users who are trained with Fourier M2 have gained improvement in: muscle strength, ROM, cognition, motor control and ADL. Various interactive games boost users' motivation for rehabilitation. 
Precise Rehabilitation
Precise quantitative assessment and training reports make the rehabilitation progress more quantifiable.