Klarity Contour Pro

Klarity Contour Pro™ Thermoplastic Splinting Material makes the most rigid, precise fitting splint and orthosis. It easily stretches and molds around contours for a precise fit, and has superior conformability without stretching. Ideal for experienced practitioners, this material requires minimal pulling and is excellent for painful or post-surgical applications. Available in Oyster.

Memory  Minimal memory when stretched. Molded shape remains in place without any need to hold it while it cools. Splints will hold their shape when mildly reheated. 

RTS  Minimum resistance to stretch. When gently pulled, will not stretch or thin uncontrollably during the molding process. 

Drape  Moderate drape and excellent reproduction of detail with gentle handling. Superior conformability without stretching. 

Rigidity  Maximum rigidity. Splints will hold their shape against the pull of strong dynamic components and against hypertonicity. 

Bonding  Traditional coating has a light tack that holds the material in place. Use over bandages with minimal adherence. Dry heating two surfaces will form a strong bond. For a permanent bond, use solvent or scrape off coating, apply dry heat, and press together.

Surface Finish  Resists fingerprints when handled gently. Lightly heat and rub together to remove marks. Smooth, self-sealing cut edges remain smooth, closed, and rounded even after reheating.

Latex Free  Skin friendly and non-irritating. Can be disposed of with normal waste and will biodegrade over time. 



CP-3200A3.2mm  Solid
 CP-3201A3.2mm  1% perforation


CP-32003.2mm  Solid
 CP-3201 3.2mm  1% perforation