In general ppTMS protocols usually require two stimulators connected to one coil.
The PowerMAG ppTMS is a stand-alone rTMS device to allow 
various ppTMS protocols and therapeutic rTMS protocols 
within one machine by using actively recharging between conditioning (S1) and test pulse (S2). 

Please find more information here.

  • No second device or "option" needed thanks to MAG & More´s ppTMS technology
  • Powerful rTMS and ppTMS with bi-phasic pulses in one device
  • Pulse pairs (ISI as low as 1 ms) at high intensities (sub-/suprathreshold)
  • In 0,1 ms steps adjustable pulse pairs (ISI)
  •  Adjustable intensity of conditioning (S1) and test pulse (S2)
  • Max output 30 Hz (100%)
  • Max output 100 Hz (70%)
  • Full wave, diagnosis pulse
  • Short ppTMS > 1ms
  • Long ppTMS > 10 ms
  • rTMS protocols
  • Train protocols
  • TBS protocols
  • Ramp protocols
  • EEG
  • MEP
  • Multi channel TMS
  • Navigation
  • External control