TMSi - Porti

The Porti is a 32-channel ambulatory and stationary system for physiological research. The Porti is a multifunctional system and can have unipolar electrophysiological inputs (ExG), bipolar electrophysiological inputs (BIP) and auxiliary inputs (AUX) for measuring EEG, ECG, EMG, but also movement, position, respiration, etc.

  • Front-end with 16 or 32 channels

  • No cable movement artifacts

  • No filtering (including Notch filter) for true signal quality

  • Many different configurations

  • Digital trigger input (isolated)

  • Bluetooth wireless communication

  • Battery compartment for 6x or 12x AA batteries

  • Max. sample rate 2048 Hz 

  • Digital input for oxygen saturation (option)

  • CE certified (class 2A, type CF)

  • FDA 510k approved