ddrobotec allows athletes to step up their physical and mental game. It uses artificial muscle technology and smart data analytics to safely explore your performance limits and push past them. ddrobotec® combines high-intensity resistance training with challenging visuo-motor tasks to boost your neuro-muscular and neuro-cognitive performance. ddrobotec® measures, trains and improves the interplay of the central and peripheral nervous system with the lower extremities.

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  • Realistic and immersive training experience and fully programmable force-velocity profiles: eccentric, concentric, auxotonic training and super-quick force changes possible (soft plyometrics); and unparalleled versatility
  • Artificial muscle technology that enables precise and highly dynamic force feedback
  • Visualizes trends and improvements in cognitive, sensorimotor and physical performance, including the assessment of left-right asymmetry
  • Enables automatic adjustments of training parameters such as frequency, intensity, range of motion, drill and break duration, etc
  • The team sports feature that uses DD Cloud™ allows to get easy to interpret assessments about the daily condition of each team member
  • By uniquely integrating ultra-precise sensing with dynamic force feedback, ddrobotec® allows detecting subtle changes in the neural connectivity of young brains


  • Functional, physiologically relevant, and validated robotic tests – unilateral or bilateral


  • Peak strength, 1-RM 
  • Peak power 
  • Eccentric strength 
  • Rate of power development 
  • Left-right asymmetry 
  • Reaction time 
  • Knee joint stability 
  • Critical power 
  • Precision / Motor control 
  • Anaerobic fitness 
  • Proprioception 
  • Fatigue index 



  • Muscle-centric cognitive training promotes muscle building, coordination, strength, power, endurance, motor learning and cognitive abilities


  • More than 100 exergames with engaging audio-visual content and unique, dynamic force feedback

Data Insights 

  • Real-time feedback with easy-to-access digital tools
  • All workouts, tests and exergames are recorded and translated into a stream of real-time data that are serialized, encrypted, uploaded, stored in the DD Cloud™

Technical Specs 

  • Peak force = 5'400 N 
  • Rate of force development = 54'000 N/s 
  • Force resolution = 1 N
  • Peak speed > 5 m/s 
  • High-performance mini PC, dedicated GPU 
  • Unreal Engine based exergames
  • Proprietary machine learning algorithms
  • QR-code app login
  • Hundreds of training protocols, tests and exergames
  • Motivational leaderboards
  • Real-time progress reports
  • Customizable data and management dashboards
  • User portal for advanced statistics
  • App for iOS and Android smartphones
 User specs 
  • Height: 145‒210 cm
  • Weight: max. 250 kg