A powered exoskeleton worn around the waist and legs which allows
gait impaired individuals to stand and walk

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Light weight
At just 26 pounds, Indego’s elegant design has no exposed cables or upper-body apparatus and does not require bulky backpack mounted components.

Intuitive Controls
Mirroring natural human movement, lean forward to initiate standing or walking and lean backward to stop and sit.

Wireless Operation
An Indego app on your mobile device allows you to control operation, change settings, and capture data without the need for tethered controls.

A slim profile is compatible with standard mobility aids and can be worn while seated in a wheelchair.

Quick Setup and Fit
A single-hand strapping and retention system allows Indego to be put on, taken off and adjusted to fit without assistance.

Indego Personal allows personal mobility on a variety of surfaces both indoors and outdoors and can even be worn while sitting in a car.

Extended Power

With up to four hours of continuous use, a fast charging battery allows for extended use at home and in the community.



Li-ion battery can provide up to a day of use


Assembled device: 26 lb (12 kg)


Indego is customized based on each user’s sizing requirements.

The standard configuration comes in three sizes:
Hip width range: 13.3” - 16.6” (34 - 42.2 cm)
Upper leg length range: 14.6” - 19.3” (37 - 49 cm)
Lower leg length range: 16.5” - 21.7” (42 - 55 cm)


• User feedback provided by vibration and color changing LEDs

• View and modify device settings via Indego app over Bluetooth connection