Smart treadmill for gait rehabilitation

  • High - end rehabilitation device, an extremely compact and affordable device.
  •  Automatic verticalization - Effortless and secured
  • Weight lightening - Support the user's weight from 0 to 100%
  • Cognitive Stimulation exercises: memory, focus, reactivity
  • Monitoring and gait analysis: The user's progression and the gait parameters' evolution are saved, enabling a personalised monitoring and an objective measurement of the progression
  • Virtual Reality Training (Optional) Double tasking is reinforced by animations that look very close to reality


  • Upper Limb Training Module
  • Vestibular rehabilitation

Please find more information here.

  • Proprioception and balance monitoring and gait analysis
  • Cognitive stimulation exercises (memory, focus, reactivity)
  • Instant Report
  • Various landscapes
  • Compact in size
  • Body weight support
    support the user's weight from 0 to 100% 
  • Virtual Reality Upgrade - fully immersive VR