Eccentric exercise strength training system

Eccentron is a patented, functionally unique eccentric strength training system. It is unlike any therapy or athletic conditioning tool you have seen or used before. And its results are unlike any you’ve ever seen before. Harness the power of negative resistance for positive results with the BTE Eccentron.

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  • Accurate measurement and reporting
  • BTE smart dosing technology provides optimal targets and progression for individual client needs
  • Interactive game-like experience keeps clients motivated
  • Visually displays each session’s performance


  • Resist up to 750 Lbs (3300 N) per leg
  • Adjustable speed range from 12 to 48 reps per minute
  • Easy to operate user-friendly software
  • Handheld pendant for client control
  • Optimal resistance targets and progression for individual client needs
  • Detailed session and progress reports
  • Adjustable seat comfortably accommodates
  • Clients from 4’8” (143 cm) to 6’8” (203 cm)