MESI - ABPI MD device

It is everything that you are looking for in a medical device – a fast, simple, accurate and objective screening tool for the diagnosis of peripheral arterial disease. 

ABPI MD (automated ankle-brachial index measuring device) is based on oscillometric method (one of the plethysmographic techniques). The blood pressure on the upper and lower extremities is measured simultaneously, resulting in the calculation of the ankle-brachial index (ABI). The result of the examination is clear and straightforward. Only what is really important – the left ABI, right ABI and brachial blood pressure – are displayed. The measurement is repeatable and can be performed in only three minutes, instead of the usual 30 minutes that are required by the Doppler ultrasound method. ABPI MD can also be used for the measurement of brachial blood pressure in all patients visiting the general practitioner. It is also used as a screening tool for patients with non-modifiable and modifiable risk factors for the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases. 


0.6 kg
Dimensions20 x 25 x 7.3 cm