EMG biofeedback with FES

The STIWELL med4 is the ideal device for the therapy of all pathologies to be treated with conventional electrotherapy, functional electrical stimulation, EMG triggered stimulation and biofeedback – with all features included in a pocket-size device. The comprehensive therapy concept is complemented by the device’s user friendly features.


EMG-triggered Multi-Channel Electrical Stimulation

With EMG-triggered multi-channel electrical stimulation the STIWELL med4 can be used to practice voluntary movements, to strengthen the muscles and to treat excessive muscle tone (spasticity).

The STIWELL med4 offers predefined functional electrical stimulation programmes such as
grasp/release, open/close hand, hand to mouth and arm extension. The device also allows creating individual programmes. All parameters can be individually adapted and saved. Application examples are grasp/release bilateral (with mirror), spherical grasp, pronation/supination, sit to stand as well as the treatment of shoulder subluxation, facial palsy and denervated muscles.

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4-channel stimulation and 2-channel
EMG measurement allow:

  • Synchronous/asynchronous extremity movements (coordination training)
  • Control of complex movement patterns in one extremity or simple movements in several extremities simultaneously

A Variety of Therapy Options

  • Conventional electrotherapy programmes
  • Training Programmes for functional motions
  • Biofeedback games
  • EMG-triggered stimulation
  • Programmes to treat peripheral lesions and pareses

Bio-Feedback programmes

  • EMG-triggered (1 or 2 EMG)
  • Power training
  • Endurance training
  • Relaxation training
  • Coordination training
  • Myosymmetry

Predefined Functional Electrical Stimulation Programmes

  • Grasp and release (EMG trigger)
  • Open and close (EMG trigger)
  • Hand to mouth (EMG trigger)
  • Arm extension (EMG trigger)