Numbered seat  and pedal adjustments 
Patients can document their bike set up using the indexed seat distance and crank adjustments. With documented numbers, you can easily reposition these features suitable for your next exercise or rehabilitation session. 

Displays workout data
Patients and clinicians can quickly see essential, real-time performance feedback. Real-time streaming of patients' data is also available for clinicians to download. Windows display time, rotations per minute, watts, calories, METs, heart rate, and power. 

Customizable range of motion
For patients with limited mobility due to surgery or injury, pedals can be moved along the crank to fit their range of motion. Adjustments are indexed for quick set-up and recording progress as the patient improves their performance. 


Please find more information here.

Power100-240 volts AC (standard power supply)
Dimensions ( L x W x H)140cm x 83cm x 119cm 
Net Weight82kg
Max User Weight200kg