Accessibility For Patients Of All Abilities


Seat rotates, adjusts horizontally and reclines

To best position a patient for a comfortable workout, the padded seat adjusts forward and backward. The seat back also reclines. Additionally, the seat can be removed for direct wheelchair access.

Download displayed workout metrics

The console displays essential, realtime performance feedback. Realtime streaming of patient's workout data is also available for download. Windows display time, speed, step length, step count, watts, calories, M ETs, heart rate, resistance level, symmetry, and power. Programs include manual, hill, plateau, interval, facility, HR, and symmetry.

Direct wheelchair access

For your patients who rely on a wheelchair for mobility on a temporary or chronic basis, the 7.5 S recumbent stepper has a removable seat for direct wheelchair access. Straps securely anchor to wheels so patients can perform total-body, upper-body only, or lower-body only exercise.

Please find more information here.

Net Weight139kg
Max User Weight200kg 
Overall Dimensions197cm x 85cm x 119cm 
Power Supply100 -240 volts AC (standard supply)