Saebo's Gross Motor Equipment

Allows Patients to Perform Highly Repetitive Tasks That Are Challenging & Progressive

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Height Adjustable Target (H.A.T.)
This fully adjustable device can be used to target specific muscle groups for strengthening. It can also be used for combined movements designed to facilitate multiple degrees of freedom throughout the upper extremity. Therapists can manipulate this versatile piece of equipment to progressively challenge individuals at all levels of upper extremity recovery. It has a 7” ball at one end and a 12½” ring at the other end and can be used in combination with our other rehab equipment to further challenge individuals.

The Five-Ball Peg Activity
Designed as a higher-level activity, it can be used when grip strength and proximal stability improve. The two bases can be positioned at different locations to facilitate trunk elongation and rotation, weight shift, and at different heights
to facilitate weight bearing through the lower extremity. This piece of equipment is extremely challenging when used in combination with the Height Adjustable Target.