TMS Therapy System

1st hand free clinical rTMS system
  • Designed for enhanced depression therapy
  • Innovative streamlined workflow for safety and effectiveness
  • Head movement possible during treatment
  • Protocol safety check

Please find more information here.

FDA approved

Hans - Head and Neck Support System

  • Automatically follow patient's head movement
  • Easy target reproducibility
  • No manual adjustment needed during treatment


  • Adjustable device positioning
  • Comfortable head rest and neck support
  • Silent non-mechanical cooling system
  • One coil for both MT determination and treatment
  • Confidence inspiring design
  • Works with most chairs


  • Exact cortical targeting even during patient movement
  • Low energy input into the brain thanks to short pulse length
  • Precise dosing
  • Storage of treatment settings and coil positioning
  • Integrated reporting of all sessions
  • Patient education package


  • No expensive disposables
  • No pay per use system
  • Reasonably priced basic system with upgrade options
  • Multiple sessions possible during a day
  • Streamlined workflow enables effective handling and saves time